Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy relies on the immune system to mount a powerful fight against cancer.

Novel therapeutic approaches in cancer immunotherapy that marry genetic engineering technologies with cell-based therapy are showing increased promise for the development of next-generation immunotherapeutics.

Not only is the tumor microenvironment implicated in the regulation of the immune response, but nutrition-induced metabolic reprogramming is an increasingly intriguing target for adoptive immunotherapy.

In our lab, we leverage natural killer cells, alongside other cells of the immune system, as powerful tools for the treatment of malignant diseases. Their ability to calibrate a sophisticated repertoire of activating and inhibitory receptors places them in the unique realm of both adaptive and innate immunity which includes memory and education. Regulation of these cells' responses to these receptors, while understanding metabolic reprogramming mechanisms, is a focus of our lab's work.

Our work incorporates the use of viral and non-viral reprogramming platforms used alongside cell and gene engineering technologies to regulate and reprogram innate and adaptive function against various solid cancers.

We combine approaches in cell therapy, gene engineering and nanomedicine to develop translational new immunotherapies.